Textbook Perfect!

I met yesterday with the midwives of Trillium WomanCare and things were fabulous!

Andrea and Amy were both quite happy to see that things are progressing well and that I do not have swollen feet (thank goodness!). Even better, the kids got to listen to the baby's heartbeat, which was so fun! They both said it sounded really funny and like horses running. Next we'll be going to find out if this is a girl baby K or a boy baby K!!!! We all can't wait to find out!! Only 3 more weeks....stay tuned!

Geoff was sick yesterday, so even though I'm sure he would have liked to come, he was at home resting.

Thankfully, he was able to eat yesterday so I think he's on the mend!

When I get home tonite (and everyday/night this week) there's lots of cleaning and boxing up to do so that construction can get started soon! I can't wait for the new kitchen we're going to create!!!!

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