Cloth diapering?

So I subscribe to the steals, ie, babysteals, kidsteals and scrapbooksteals. They are an exceptional group of sites! Especially if you are a bargain hunter like I am.

Well, today's item dejour on babysteals was a super cute mommy/baby combo of Klean Kanteen for 51% off the retail price. But what really caught my eye....the surprise giveaway!

The surprise giveaway was a starter pack of cloth diapers from gDiapers. I have been thinking a lot about cloth diapering and what my options (and expense!!) might be in doing so. Up until this point I honestly felt like it was going to be sooo incredibly expensive and crazy that trying to cloth diaper was going to be nuts. But, after looking at the gDiapers and what options they have available, I am starting to think that this might be a tangible option for us. They are incredibly affordable and come with both the cloth and disposable options so that when you are out and about you don't have to lug around a stinky, soiled cloth diaper and you can just tosh the soiled biodegradeable insert! It's the best of both worlds!!!

I'm very excited about this new opportunity!

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