3 months tomorrow

Lissy, tomorrow you will be 3 months old and the time has flown by! You now weigh a little more than 13 pounds and you are 23 inches long!!!

You like to take baths and snuggle. I'm pretty sure you think you can talk and I love to hear you laugh. Some days you get to spend the day with our good friend Kathleen and her kids think you are amazing!

At Annie's swim meet and Jonas's soccer games you are everyone's favorite. at White Station football games you are cheering right along with everyone else in your Spartan clothes.

I can't wait to see what fun and amzing things you do next!

Love you Lissy Jane!!!!


A week of sleep!!!!

Today, sunday september 4th, marks SEVEN days in a row that Lissy has slept from 11pm or so until 630am or later!!!!

It has bern so wonderful switching to this side of the sleep world. To go from waking up at 3am to sleeping six hours in a row!?!? Bliss.

I am so proud of my baby girl for reaching this very important milestone!

Yeah Lissy!!!!


Kitchen's comin along!

In the last 10 days our kitchen has really been transformed! Geoff went to home depot & got the double oven of his dreams and then to bed, bath & beyond for our pot rack. Obviously, we need paint. But overall the look and feel of the two rooms has really changed!

We really love the half wall where we used to have a full wall and built in desk on the other side. Being able to see all the way like that really makes both rooms feel bigger.

The cookie sheet caddie next to the stove & the microwave caddie in place of the dishwasher may truly be 2 of the best things we have done to the space!

For decorating and storage, I would really love to get ceramic cannisters from target!

But honestly, I just can't wait to be done!


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