Just gotta know!!

I have been having the hardest time lately! The gdiapers I ordered off of ebay are now pouring in! Geoff says, "it's christmas for mommy everyday!" But, I know secretly he's really happy that I'm so invested in this little person...

And that's the problem! I just need to know if this is a girl baby or a boy baby!!! I have so many craft projects I want to start on, even if the kitchen isn't finished..., and all I can think about is whether I should start the girl projects or the boy projects...

I have an open ended ultrasound appointment. So we had talked about waiting till the 21st when everyone will be out of school for president's day...but I think we may have to go Monday after school...I'm not sure I can wait!!!

Feel free to comment on what you think this one is...boy...or....girl??


Textbook Perfect!

I met yesterday with the midwives of Trillium WomanCare and things were fabulous!

Andrea and Amy were both quite happy to see that things are progressing well and that I do not have swollen feet (thank goodness!). Even better, the kids got to listen to the baby's heartbeat, which was so fun! They both said it sounded really funny and like horses running. Next we'll be going to find out if this is a girl baby K or a boy baby K!!!! We all can't wait to find out!! Only 3 more weeks....stay tuned!

Geoff was sick yesterday, so even though I'm sure he would have liked to come, he was at home resting.

Thankfully, he was able to eat yesterday so I think he's on the mend!

When I get home tonite (and everyday/night this week) there's lots of cleaning and boxing up to do so that construction can get started soon! I can't wait for the new kitchen we're going to create!!!!


Best things about being pregnant

Over the last few days I have had TONS of food cravings, Geoff has been super awesome about getting me the food that I have wanted!!

The other day I had a calzone from Memphis Pizza Cafe and cupcakes from Muddy's Bake Shop.

In other news, we just started (FINALLY) ripping down parts of the wall that will be getting torn down!!

Jonas has rotovirus and can barely keep anything down, which is a major icky bummer. Geoff was up with him last nite until 4am because he was puking! I had to hide in my room with the scented candle going so I didn't start puking too!

Annie's best friend found out this weekend that her very old dog has cancer, so Annie and I got them a gift card...tough moment for us both. Annie and I had a conversation about dogs and their lifespan.

Got my first week's worth of school work done. It looks like this is going to be a semester full of busy work.

Hopefully, the construction goes quickly and doesn't cost a ton and I can get my embroidery machine soon...cross your fingers!


Baby things...pregnant friends...

So, recently I have been bitten by the crafting bug. This may have been partly due to the fact that I want to ignore the impending remodel of my kitchen and consequent upheavel of my house or that I want a new distraction just as the new semester starts....either way I have really enjoyed coming up with new projects and new things to create. However, I have a consistent problem that won't let go...I still don't know the gender of my coming little baby!
This particular problem, though slight in the grand scheme, is a problem for me nontheless...I really want to make some baby things; blankets, taggies, onesies with cute appliques, etc. But, I either can't get the fabric I really want to get because it's gender specific or I can't start on the appliques because I don't know if I'm having a girl or a boy. And honestly, there's only so much stuff that I want to make to give to other people's kids...

In the baby world, I have made some new pregnant friends! It's kinda fun actually... They are both in my night classes. One is due in May and the other is due in March. I'm really excited to know more pregnant people! It's nice to be able to talk to someone else about what is going on. I have 2 friends who just had boys in the last few months, my husband's cousin is due in March with her first girl and the list goes on and on...


Lots of things happening around the house...

So, lately there have been lots of crazy things happening around our house! We're getting ready to get Jonas' dresser thrown out, since, well, it's trash.
Geoff has finished anhilating the bushes in the back that we intended to throw out and it looks like getting the supplies for our dog run won't be too expensive....
that long as you don't count the $800+ we're gonna have to spend to get the mercury mountaineer fixed! YIKES!

Jonas will be going back to school tomorrow, thank goodness!

One of my friends is attempting to patiently wait the arrival of his son, due today! Needless to say, both he and his wife are having a hard time with these (hopefully) last few hours...

I finally broke down and paid retail (sh, don't tell!) for a maternity sweatshirt from Liz Lange at's pretty comfy.

This weekend was Annie's swim meet. (The one I made the corn dip for.) She did such a good job, it was AMAZING! She dropped time on every event and event dropped 23 seconds on the 200IM!!! (For those of you who are not swimmers or are not familiar with the swimming world; the 200 IM is where a swimmer swims 50 yards of each of the 4 strokes; Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle.) This is a fun event for Annie because she usually picks up a lot of time during the breaststroke and it's always fun to watch! But this time was even cooler! The hardest to watch, and the most nerve-racking, was the 50 breast. This was a tough one for me because she really wants to make a SouthEastern cut. (This means she gets to go to Championship Swim Meet for our Swim Conference, ie a really big deal!)

In baby news, I went shopping for fabric to make a quilt and a baby play blanket. I was kinda grustrated that I couldn't get the fabric I really wanted, because it was gender fabric, but it's super cute. (Pictures to come soon...)

Hopefully, the kitchen can get started and finished quickly and I can get my embroidery machine and start working on cute baby things!


First attempt at bows!

So. I went to Michael's today and got some super cute ribbon for making bows....wishing I knew if this was a boy or girl baby!....but, I decided Annie would love some cute bows, too!

This is the first bow I attempted to make! I'm not totally in love with it, but Annie said she loves it! So, I guess its a half win...

I'm going to keep trying because I'm really enjoying making things! This only makes me want to get an embroidery machine more!!!!!


Geoff's new phone

So, I'm very happy to report that my husband FINALLY got a new phone...though, now I'm a bit jealous! lol! He got a Samsung Galaxy S, which is a touch screen Android phone. Here's a picture of his new phone:

And for anyone who was curious....Jonas has the flu! So, I texted one of the Midwives..gotta go to Whole Foods in a bit and get some herbal something that's supposed to help...ugh! Totally bummed for Jonas, saturday he was supposed to play in a basketball game. Instead he's going to go before the game and be in the team picture and then he's gonna go home and get back in bed. I have to admit, I'm kinda glad he doesn't have school on Monday, so he has just a little longer to get better!


So, I was wrong yesterday....yesterday's babysteal was not the Klean Kanteen....that was front the night before! (The babysteal changes at 9am and at 9pm) Yesterday's babysteal was a pack of gdiapers!!! Which I totally took as a sign! And of course I scooped one up!
But then last nite, I couldn't sleep....and for whatever reason, I still haven't figured it out, I don't get the email blast about the 9pm steal...Well, I couldn't sleep so I got on Babysteals and scooped up a super cute nursing cover. (Did I mention that we don't have anything for this baby?) This cover by Andee Lew, is one of the cutest things ever...and one I have totally drooled over on their site! Well, on babysteals last nite is was 50% of it's list price!!!! YEAH!!!

In other kid news...I'm getting ready to make corn salsa tonite, which I will post the recipe for and of course a picture! This is for part of the dinner for Friday nite's swim meet. Annie will be swimming in the Gabrielle Rose Classic, which is hosted by Memphis Tiger Swimming. She is super excited!!! Geoff and I are too, but since she's been really working hard on her times, she's probably a little more excited than we are...especially considering whenever there is a home meet....we have to work! LOL!

Today Jonas is going to the doctor to hopefully be cleared to go to school. He has been home for the past 2 days, and let me tell you, working with him on all of his homework is A TON of work! I don't know how they do it! I thought teaching High School was hard...but last nite, it seemed easier than what I did with my son!!! YIKES!

Here's the Corn Dip:

2 cans mexicorn (drained)
8 oz sour cream (I use fat free)
8 oz mayo (I use real)
12 oz shredded cheddar (I use real)
1 Tbs garlic POWDER (not salt)
1 Tbs Accent
~1 bunch scallions chopped (I use the greens also)
1 small jar chopped pimiento (and I chop finer)
Jalapenos to tasted (chopped fine)

I usually mix the mexicorn and cheese together in one bowl.  I then mix everything else together in a smaller bowl, which allows it all to mix together uniformly. I then add that into the mexicorn/cheese mixture and mix

I make no less than one day ahead - it gives all the flavors time to blend. Anything more than 1 day, and I'd eat it all.

Enjoy and have fun.


My ever expanding belly

Thought I'd give you and idea of how much bigger my belly is getting...My sister came over on saturday and took these for me. I was wearing my new Ingrid & Isabell top that I got at target. Can you see the picky stick? I was ssoooo excited when these arrived, I couldn't wait to be able to take pictures! The stickers are designed to stick on an article of clothing so that you can take pictures as your belly grows...even cuter? They come in monthly stickers for the baby, so as baby grows, you can take a monthly picture! How fun!!!!

 In other news, I went to our local consignment store today, Summer Kids and got some really cute maternity clothes. I was very excited about that! I also got Annie a new cardigan for school and footed pj's for Jonas! He looks super cute in them and if he ends up having to stay home for another sick day...he'll be the cutest sickling ever! (Personally, I'm hoping that he goes back tomorrow! Working all day as a teacher and then coming home and being a 1st grade optional school teacher is so MUCH work!!) I had no idea how much they got done with in one day! OMG!!!


Cloth diapering?

So I subscribe to the steals, ie, babysteals, kidsteals and scrapbooksteals. They are an exceptional group of sites! Especially if you are a bargain hunter like I am.

Well, today's item dejour on babysteals was a super cute mommy/baby combo of Klean Kanteen for 51% off the retail price. But what really caught my eye....the surprise giveaway!

The surprise giveaway was a starter pack of cloth diapers from gDiapers. I have been thinking a lot about cloth diapering and what my options (and expense!!) might be in doing so. Up until this point I honestly felt like it was going to be sooo incredibly expensive and crazy that trying to cloth diaper was going to be nuts. But, after looking at the gDiapers and what options they have available, I am starting to think that this might be a tangible option for us. They are incredibly affordable and come with both the cloth and disposable options so that when you are out and about you don't have to lug around a stinky, soiled cloth diaper and you can just tosh the soiled biodegradeable insert! It's the best of both worlds!!!

I'm very excited about this new opportunity!

Snow Day!

Yesterday was a wonderful, snowy gift! I got to stay home with my 2 and 4 legged babies! It was so fun to watch my dogs run in the snow and sniff and get surprised by the snow and then to watch my children play too!

Annie and I had a wonderful breakfast of bagels and hot tea, while watching the snow glisten. Later, she and I went outside, I took pictures and she played in the snow.

Jonas wasn't feeling well so he spent the day snuggled in the warm blankets. We let him go out for a little while and wouldn't you know it, when Annie and Jonas came in, they both went to was so peaceful with everyone, dogs included, sleeping around me!

Geoff had a little too much fun though. He threw several, well packed snow balls at our living room windows....unfortunately, a couple landed in the same spot and as I was coming to tell him he had cracked the window, he landed the final snowball that BROKE the window! It looks like I'll be getting my french doors sooner than we had planned....

I was able to finish reading my latest Nook book, Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger (same author who wrote, "the Devil Wears Prada"; it was such a fun read!

We ended the day by watching the BCS Game, Auburn v Oregon and enjoyed a nice meal of Mexican takeout. If it had been a ducks win, the day would have been stellar!


Blog Signature

I created a new signature that will show up on all my blog posts! Yeah!!!
I'm really excited about it!!!


Cup of coffee kind of morning

So, I had a wonderful dinner last night with my family after Annie's swim practice at Memphis Tiger Swimming. We went to Los Compadres on poplar avenue and enjoyed the evening thoroughly! However, as anyone with children under 1o should know, when dinner starts at 815pm the next morning is going to be a little rough if you have to stay on your regular schedule.

So, this morning was ROUGH!

But, once I got to work and my day got moving things got better...nothing a cup of coffee can't solve!

Thankfully, I had already done all my prep for class today, so all I have to do is take roll and keep things moving. Later, I'll meet with my Assistant Principal to see how my evaluation went and then tonite is dinner at my parents' house with my sister, her boyfriend and his parents. Should be a great start to the weekend!


Baby Blanket

So I was actually looking for diaper bag recommendations for a friend when I ran across this blanket...had to share!

It is so freakishly cute!!!!

Here's the link, if you want to get one for yourself!

Happy Shopping!

What the baby looked like 5 weeks ago!

So, we're about 5 weeks away from THE ultrasound! (The one where we get to find out gender!)

I thought I'd post what the last ultrasound showed us....


Fun ways to snag deals!

Everyone needs a fun way to get deals and I have 3!

These websites are the most incredible thing that I ever stumbled upon and as a mom, I am slightly bummed that another mom is who told me about it and I didn't find it on my own!

BabySteals is great because at 9am and again at 9pm they post one new something that is awesome for babies! It's a great way to find out about the new things that are available for babies and most of the deals are 50% off of the retail price or more!

Kidsteals is another great from the "steals" family. They mostly post things for little kids, not really for "big kids", but they're good finds nonetheless. Love it!

ScrapbookSteals is AMAZING! Now, for those of you who don't scrapbook, these find are also great for making cards, craft projects, etc. But for those of you who do, you know how costly scrapbooking can become. This is the place to find everything one day at a time and find things you never even knew about! How fun is that?!?

Be ware, you are limited on the quantity of what you are allowed to purchase and for some of the really awesome things, you are racing against the clock to get what you want! They had BabyLegs a while back and, no joke, they were sold out in less than an hour!

Happy Stealing! :)

Diaper Bag Shopping!!!

Ok, I purchased a diaper bag from Vera Bradley in the pattern called Paprika and I totally love it...but, I can't resist looking around for others that are also great!

Here's another that I like:

The OiOi diaper bag! (Sorry there's no pic, their website won't let me put the put on my blog :()But, the link should take you right to it!

Just me and the fam...

So, as a way of introducing this blog and getting things started, I figured I would just sort of put the basics for now. I am Rachel, married to Geoff for almost 10 years...which seems weird, because it doesn't seem that long and other days it seems like an eternity!
We have 2 children, Anna (9) and Jonas (7) and we are waiting on our 3rd, due to arrive June 23rd.
We have 5 dogs, Shelby, Velvet, Katie, Beau and Jingles and 2 cats, Stripes and Lucky.
It's a busy life, with me working full time as a high school biology teacher and Geoff finishing his degree and running the house! Annie is a competitive swimmer and Jonas is still trying out sports to figure out which one is his favorite...
All in all, we just do our thing and hope that things keep going well.


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