A lot of people ask me "How do you do it all?" And I frequently answer, "I'm a walking Nike commercial... I just do it!" But, that is a terrible explanation. So, I'd like to give you one explanation about how I organize some of the things.

This year, I have grades, classroom things, Mock Trial, Youth-in-Government, Softball and Swim Team to stay caught up on. For some this would seem like a truly daunting task and their desk might forever look like a tornado hit it...

Not to say that this doesn't get overwhelming sometimes. It does. Some days I get frustrated and wonder why I feel like I'm doing more than everyone else.

But, most days, it's not bad, because it's organized and ready to go in a way that is accessible, fluid and easy.

My number one suggestion is for separating each major "thing" into it's own notebook. This way all the papers and spreadsheets and what-nots are in one location, not to be shared with anything else. Next is to keep the labeling clean and bright. This way it pops out and is easy to find. I like the clear front pocket for receipts for the students for those activities so that if I need to find it quickly, I can.

most of the notebooks of the things
I keep my checklist as the first page when I open the notebook and try to keep as much as possible in the rings and not in the pockets so that things don't get lost. I have a similar system at home for keeping things tidy there, as well. Hopefully this helps you in getting some things more organized in your classroom, home or office.

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