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Recently, I shared my birth day stories for all 4 of my kids, that's 4 stories, with a friend of mine. Would any of my readers be interested in reading these stories? I know there have to be a lot of questions out there and I feel like a lot of them don't get answered because people gloss over things.

So, birth stories? Yes, I'll post each one. No, I'll not post them right away... No answer means I have to decide for myself and obviously, if I am asking, I'm torn!

thanks all!
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Recipe: Meatball Stroganoff

Continuing on with the great meal plan....Meatball Stroganoff!

And it was WELL received by the kids!

Here's the recipe. It's super easy. Seriously.

1 can of cream of mushroom
1 can of milk
1 8oz container of sour cream
1 can of mushrooms, sliced
2 tablespoons of worsteshire sauce
1/2 pound of meatballs (make them yourself or buy frozen ones)
1 bag of extra wide egg noodles

1. Cook the noodles. Read and follow package instructions

2. Take the liquid/cream ingredients and mushrooms and combine them in a deep sauce pan. Season with salt or pepper to taste. (Everything will end up here, so make sure it's big enough) Allow them to cook together before adding the cooked meatballs.

3. Give the meatballs and sauce time to blend, I gave mine about 10 minutes. Then add the noodles.

4. Enjoy!!!


Recipe: Chicken Enchilada Casserole Crock Pot

This week, we have reached an all new level of meal planning!!! I am so proud of us!

We have planned meals, shopped for them and made dinner AT HOME every night this week.

Here's what we've done so far:

Monday: Walking Tacos
Tuesday: Meatball Subs
Wednesday: burgers and dogs on the grill, greek salad and green bean casserole
Thursday: chicken enchilada casserole
Friday: leftovers!!!!
Saturday: meatball stroganoff

Last nite was the chicken enchilada casserole. Even Dilly loved it!I found the recipe in the Busy Bees Crockpot Cookbook. Once I read it, I knew it had to change, for starters, there were no veggies and i can't eat meat out of a can....just can't. So here's the recipe that I made:

1 10oz can of red enchilada sauce
1 cup sour cream
1 can corn
2 breasts of chicken cooked and shredded

Layer in the crockpot, from bottom to top:

a few spoonfuls of sauce and sour cream
tortilla shells, torn to cover the bottom
2 large handfuls of spinach
1/2 the chicken, corn and sauce mix
2 large handfuls of cheese
tortilla shells, torn to cover the layer
2 large handfuls of spinach
1/2 the chicken, corn and sauce mix
2 large handfuls of cheese

Cook on high for 1 hour and 15 minutes and enjoy some yummy goodness!!! Please forgive the lack of pics of food, but I do have a pic of Dilly eating up!

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Want to run?

Many of you know and some of you may not, but my dad is a prostate cancer survivor. Many of you also know, I do NOT call myself a runner.

Several years ago, my dad underwent surgery to remove the cancer and has remained cancer free since then.

Here in Memphis, there is a run coming up to support the research and work being done to cure this disease affecting millions of men each year.

If you are interested in participating, this year's run will start at the Botanic Gardens at 7:30am on April 27. You can register here. If you'd rather just give to the cause, the website found here, has lots of great information! The event is sponsored by the Conrad Pearson Clinic and is part of a national event.

Obviously, I think this is an important cause, if you do too, or you just want another half marathon in before summer, please join us!

In my running shoes!

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Thanks for the love!!!!!

Good morning friends!!!!

Just wanted to leave a little note for my readers to thank you guys for helping me reach 10,000 page hits!!!! Such an exciting time!!!

In honor of having reached this exciting milestone, I am doing a giveaway!

I will giveaway one item from my Sew Southern Style etsy's how to enter, all of these things have to be done to win....

You must comment on the blog that you have:

1.liked my facebook page
2. followed this blog
3. Joined this blog
4. followed my etsy page
5. Comment what it is you want to win!

The giveaway will only be generated based on the comments on this posting. Make sure you come back to this posting.

I'll keep the giveaway open until Sunday at 5 and announce the winner Monday morning!

Good luck! and thanks for reading!

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Checklists Anyone!?!

UGH! I sometimes detest doing certain jobs...mostly because some jobs are dirty!

Cleaning is one such icky.

However, there are lots of great blogs and lists available to help you organize this particular part of your life. Some of them can help you achieve the kind of transformation I found on the web shown below.

Here are a few of my favorite:

Each of these ladies shares her tried and true methods and even a few funnies along the way.

As far as my checklist for you is concerned:

1. Pick some cleaning supplies that you really like. Don't go overboard getting 15 different things, get multipurpose items that you are going to use. The more things you have when you open the cabinet, the less likely you are to do your cleaning.

2. Make a small cleaning caddy and put it in each bathroom, laundry area, kitchen area, etc of your house. If you have to walk all the way to another end or another floor of your house to get things done, you are less likely to do it. (You know I'm telling the truth...)

3. Make it as brainless as possible. For example, if you don't like to clean the shower, put a command hook in there and hang up a bottle of your shower cleaner. Once you are clean, spray down the shower and go on with your life. You've gotten some cleaning done at the same time you did your Olympic stretch to get that little spot beside your ankle.

4. Don't tackle the whole house all at once. You are not going to clean the whole house in one day. It's just not going to happen. (Face the facts.) However, you may get one bathroom done and the hallway vacuumed and your bed made! Make each day's goals reasonable. Rotate the big things. For example, make one room the major focus for a month, on week 1 do the base boards, on week 2 do the molding, on week 3 do the heavy dusting and furniture rearranging, on week 4 do the "goodwill cleanout" as you keep doing that your home will continue to get better and better and you will not feel overwhelmed in the process.

Enjoy your home and find a way to enjoy cleaning it!!!

As a side note, let me just say that today's Memphis Tigers game versus St. Mary's was one for the record books! I prefer my wins a little more clear, but they managed to eek that one out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Go Tigers!
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I swear I'm gonna get back to blogging!

Since we last chatted, I've taught a few sewing classes, made a course quilts, participated in my first crafts fair, finally started a quilt for my sister using her "mommy fabric" from her childhood bedroom, continued working with Lissy to potty train, an meal planned for a whole 2 weeks worth of meals!!!

In terms of blogging, well, I have lots if things I want to log about, but I don't know where to start right this minute. I'm going to take a couple days to map out all my ideas and then, I'm gonna do it all the right way! Readers be ware! Blog posts are coming!!!


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