Happy Birthday Lissy!!!

Lissy's first birthday was a huge hit! Her friends Liam, Dylan and Reese all came to celebrate with their moms and Grandbuddy, Grandmichelle, Aunt Celeste, Uncle Sam, Jennifer Long and her fiance Jordan Hooker and the whole fam!!!

We all had a great time celebrating Lissy's first year!

Happy Birthday Lissy Jane!


All done!

So, this afternoon I finished my first solo quilt! The kids were all quite excited to see it finished. I think we were all excited to see this massive project finishdd successfully. I can't wait to work on my next projects of matching shirts, dresses and pj pants for the kids! Happy to be sewing for sure!

Not quite finished

This is a shot of my quilt a few days before it was finished. It's been so much fun making it and I can not wait to get to the next project.


Dilly baby!

It has taken me waaaay to long to post but, baby Dilly has arrived!

On June 2nd at 12:37am we welcomed Lillian Daphne Kannady as baby number 4! She is such a beauty, brown hair and blue eyes.

Aaand, mommy's finally gotten back to crafting! I made 2 burp cloths for a a friend, a changing pad for Dilly, a placemat (with 5 more to come), and I'm in the process of finishing a quilt!

I also went over to a new sewing store here called "sewMemphis". The shop is super cute and they're going to hang one of my sew-nifty prep boards in their store and help sell them!

Geoff and Jonas had a great time with baseball and got to have a win for the last game. Annie recently had a swim meet and dropped time in two of her events. Lissy is cruising and celebrated her first birthday on June 18!!!

What a busy time these past 3 weeks have been for us all!


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