Zbo and JoJo

So I took Jonas to meet Zach Randolph from the Memphis Grizzlies. We waited in line for just about 2 full hours. He made several new friends while we waited and then when we got up to meet Zbo, he had the biggest grin on his face! He asked Zach about the game coming up on Wednesday versus Dirk and pointed out that no one else can go up against Dirk but Zach. I think Zach liked that. I have no doubt this will be one of those things he remembers for years to come!


23 weeks today

 So, today I am 23 weeks pregnant with baby #4. Geoff has taken Annie to Knoxville for the Southeastern Swimming Championship Meet. You can follow live meet results and see how everyone from tigers is doing. Below is a picture of my belly. Feel free to compare it to this time last year. I haven't been taking as many pictures, ok, I haven't taken any pictures.

Jonas and I get to have a mother-son weekend. The plan so far is zoo in the afternoon on saturday and a movie after that...we'll see how much we do! Cleaning and cooking are on the agenda for tonite, though if he asks to go out to eat, I truly might say yes.

Now that it has been 2 full months since my mom died, I still feel slightly lost. Thankfully, this weekend is the last weekend that I have to spend at her old house. Things will all be out and we can move forward in the process of grieving and loss. I feel like she is kind of here, but not really. It's like when you have a word on the tip of your tongue and you just can't think of the word. I feel like she knows everything that's going on, but at the same time I want to tell her.I know somewhere that she is safe and happy and all those wonderful things, but it just feels so wrong to have her watching over her "3 sweet angels" rather than here with us.


Homemade Dinner

So, Annie thought this was super yummy and several friends on Facebook's what I did.

1. Sautéed chicken in a little butter. Let spinach defrost on counter.sliced mushrooms. Preheated oven to 325.

2. When chicken was done, shredded it and cooked spinach in the same pan chicken was cooked in. Added 2 oz of cream cheese. Cooked pasta. Put rolls in the oven. (sister schubert frozen dinner rolls)

3. Once pasta was done, sautéed mushrooms in a little butter. Added spinach, mixed well. Added chicken, mixed well. Added about 1/3 cup milk and a handful of Colby jack cheese. Annie tasted it and requested a little something else, so we added a little garlic powder.

4. Served over some pasta, it was a little heavy but VERY tasty!


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