Homemade Dinner

So, Annie thought this was super yummy and several friends on Facebook's what I did.

1. Sautéed chicken in a little butter. Let spinach defrost on counter.sliced mushrooms. Preheated oven to 325.

2. When chicken was done, shredded it and cooked spinach in the same pan chicken was cooked in. Added 2 oz of cream cheese. Cooked pasta. Put rolls in the oven. (sister schubert frozen dinner rolls)

3. Once pasta was done, sautéed mushrooms in a little butter. Added spinach, mixed well. Added chicken, mixed well. Added about 1/3 cup milk and a handful of Colby jack cheese. Annie tasted it and requested a little something else, so we added a little garlic powder.

4. Served over some pasta, it was a little heavy but VERY tasty!

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