Lissy Jane's 2nd Birthday

How can you not get excited when your cute little person is turning 2!?!?

We invited friends and everyone joined us for great fun at The Children's Museum of Memphis! We all had a great time!

Geoff made 2 marbled cakes, we decorated the tops with cars and everyone got to eat and play!

The table looked great with party hats and the tissue bubbles. 

Dilly enjoyed playing on the floor while we waited for friends to arrive.

After cake and ice cream and singing Happy Birthday, it was time to go play!

Once we got home, Lissy had a great time opening her gifts from her friends and family. Including, hiding in the tunnel after dinner!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lissy Jane!!!

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Time to get this right/write

I've been spotty at best with my blog posting. It's about to get real y'all. This summer is filled with swim team for Annie new adventures for the little girls, Jonas getting ready for football in the fall and me teaching summer school...and training for my first full marathon in December!

Not sure if I'll stick to my old post schedule, but I'm back on the wagon, so to speak. It's all gonna be here!!!

Today's lissy's actual birthday, so I'll be sure to give you a recap of that! Can't believe baby #3 is 2!!!


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