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Welcome to our blog about life and all the crazy things happening along the way! With 5 kids, 5 dogs, so much school!!! never know what may happen!

That's me. I teach high school biology, blog, sew and run. Taking care of 5 kids is no small task, but we manage to get it all done! I also attempt to run a small business out of what used to be our dining room doing children's applique and monogramming.

He's the daddy. He works at FedEx and is a portrait photographer.

She's our teenager! She's a competitive swimmer and our in-house babysitter!

A teenager in the making! He's a saxophone player and a budding baseball affectionado. He'll play most sports, but he's really interested in baseball and basketball.

This is our sassy little Lissy! She's in a Pre-K program and loves school!!

Also known as Dilly. She's a strong little fighter who won't take no for an answer!

and our newest addition...

She's the baby. Don't get confused, she'll make you remember who she is!

Frequently Asked Questions:

There's really 5 kids AND 5 dogs?
Yes, really.

How do you get it all done?
To be quite honest, some days, we don't. Other days, we do. On the really good days, I tell you all about it!

I'm a fan of routine and schedules. So I really like weeks when we have a swim meet that weekend because I know exactly what my weekend will look like, how to get everything squeezed in and that dinner the night before the swim meet will be a pasta dish.

What's with the monogramming?
We live in the South. Monogramming is very popular here. When we realized how much money I was spending getting things monogrammed, I started looking into getting my own machine. I already knew how to sew, so when my mom died, it seemed like a smart thing to do with my inheritance money. So far, I'm still enjoying it.

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