I've been a slacker!

Okay, here's the quick dish...

Memphis Tiger Swimming was awesome at Districts!
Annie swam great! She went best times in 6 of her individual events and her relay swam strong both days! She did a great job staying awake on the way to Nashville, but alas she conked out on the way home...Thank goodness for cell phones!
We had a great time getting to see Gigi and meet Chuck. A bunch of us went and got lunch/dinner together on Saturday after the meet. Then, after we got back to the hotel, Annie and some friends went and swam in the hotel pool, followed by playtime in our room.
Sunday was spent with more swimming and passing out the Championship Tshirts and Coach Cheryl's birthday!!! We got lunch at Panera's on the way home with Abby and her dad.
All-in-all it was a wonderful weekend...though we missed Daddy and Jonas a lot!!!
Here's a few shots of Annie and her friends:

In home news,
more of Melissa Jane's dresses have come! And my wonderful friend Shelley snagged some awesome things for me at a huge consignment sale today, while I was stuck in a training...
Geoff has cleared almost everything from our Den so the next major thing to happen is the GIANT goodwill donation tomorrow!
Annie and Jonas' beds are now in Jonas' room, dorm room style. They love it and Melissa Jane will be getting a room and a crib! Here's her crib bedding we I registered for: 

Isn't it super cute?!?!?
I really wanted to make something, but I have no confidence that I could actually get it done in time...

In baby shower news, I now have 2 hostesses! I feel so blessed to have so many friends who are all helping us prepare for Melissa Jane! I can't wait for her to get here and meet all these wonderful people!

School is progressing along nicely for me at U of M and work-wise. I finally figured out how to access my students scores, and come to find out, they're mostly improving overall!

My belly is officially sticking out noticeably and there is no longer a question of fat or pregnant...

I know there's more I should be sharing, but I just can't remember everything anymore and my our her bowl of cereal has just arrived...


30 Day Photo Challenge Days 5 - 9...

Day 5: A photo that makes you laugh

This is what happens when you take your kids shopping and leave your purse in the basket and pay more attention to everything except their attempt at self-portraits! LOL!!

Day 6: A photo of someone you love

Ok, so this is 3 someones that I love. But, over the years, Geoff and I have worked really hard to get to where we are today, so I am very grateful to have my family!!!

Day 7: A photo of something you stand for

Clearly, this is not a picture of a logo or some statement of political affirmation, etc. And honestly given our current political state in Memphis, there is lots to say that you do or do not stand for...but what I think is incredibly important is this, Family Vacation. Families do a lot together, but being able to break away from everything else and have a time to "chill and relax" as a family is INCREDIBLY important! Even if it's just a weekend, whatever the amount of time is very important!

Day 8: A photo of something you enjoy doing

I love my job! AND I love supporting my kids!!!

Alrighty...more tomorrow and I'll update on the swim meet and everything else!


Baby Belly Bump Pictures!!!!

Finally!!! I have received my belly bump pictures!!! These are my friend's husband has been thinking about doing some maternity shots, so when I was begging around for someone to take some pictures, he was up for the challenge of photographing me...

Obviously, I've got some 'tude...but the pictures are....


I can't wait to do the next set!!! He did such a great job! And don't worry, if he says he's up for the challenge...his name and number will be up on this blog faster than he'll know what to do!

UPDATE: If anyone is in need of an awesome photographer for their growing belly bumps: Robert Bear ROCKS!!! Message me here and I'll get you his contact information. He's awesomeness!

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 4 and Bad News...

Ok, first the 30 day photo challenge... Milan, Italy!
I would love to take the kids and Geoff and go sightseeing around Europe, but for some reason I feel very compelled to see Milan! I have always thought it would just be incredible to be able to go there... I know I haven't even finished seeing all the United States (which is another goal I have) but, alas, I really want to see Milan!

and the Bad news...
I got surplussed from my school for the 2011-2012 school year.. :(  Sad FACE! I have really enjoyed working with the faculty at my school and they are really a dynamic and great group of people. I am sad that our time may be coming to an end, but I am trying to be optimistic about it...



Valentine's Day 2011!!!!!!

My Valentine's Day started out very nice. Even though my students were VERY distracted today, I felt good.
During 5th period, I got an edible arrangements of ALL dark chocolate covered strawberries.

And it was only with the possibility of meeting my husband (Who was bringing me lunch) that I was able to get my students back on track for today.
He arrived shortly before the class period ended and had lunch with me. Which was a wonderful treat to get to see him during the school day!

Then, during 7th period this arrived!

Which was such a wonderful surprise!!! The card said, "I wouldn't forget the roses" How sweet!!!

It was so wonderful to get to spend time with Geoff and get to have lots of wonderful surprises from him today! We've worked so hard to reach this place in our marriage it was such a wonderful day to get to really enjoy how far we have come together!
And as for the Photo Challenge Day 3...well the above 2 photos definitely make me happy!!!


Yeah! Grizzlies WIN!!! and Baby Bump Photo Shoot Round 1

We went to the Grizzlies game tonite! They played the Denver Nuggets and Jonas was VERY into the game! It was fun getting there early enough to see warm ups and walk around. We tried to take a family picture in front of the FedEx Forum, but it didn't turn out great...

And unfortunately, it gives me a double chin...oh, well. We did get the whole family in the picture! And everyone was smiling :)

In other news...this morning I met with my friend's husband, Robert, to take the first in a series of belly pictures. It was so fun! We took some really cute shots! And, funny enough, Robert comes from the true "film world" so he's not one of those guys who clicks away taking a bazillion pictures and picks his favorites from there, he's a little more analytical and takes his time...well, he definitely sped up a little today...why might you ask? Because I make crazy faces when I don't have instructions for the "motherly, thoughtful or wistful" poses...Let's just say, there are sure to be some very "Rachel-esque" pictures in the bunch!
I can't wait to see them!!!

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 2

Ok, this is supposed to be a picture of me from over a year ago. Yikes!

Here's my picture:

So, this is me and Geoff from Thanksgiving 2008. We went to Athens and enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with Geoff's family. It was amazing! Yummy food, awesome family, and we got to go see UGA! Go Dawgs!

I also really like that Geoff and I were having so much fun that day! :) Check out the grins!

Ok, your turn. Link up!


Dear Ebay,

Why is it that you send me dozens of emails when I bid on something and then when I'm about to be outbid on what I really want, you don't let me know until it's gone?


Today I bid on a few smocked dresses in a couple of very cute patterns. They were all bishops and they were all a little big for the baby, which was perfect! That's why hemming was invented, of course!! (Thank goodness I have one of those awesome moms who actually taught me how to sew! AND, I have a sewing machine!)

Now in the future, could you please be so kind as to send me the "you're about to loose this item" email BEFORE I actually lose the item?

Thank you ever so much...


My friend and old boss, had a baby about 16 months ago and she is growing so quickly! In her abundant kindness, this friend gave me a giant box full of clothes, a swing, a bumbo (with the tray!), a breastfeeding pillow, a kick mat, a carseat and the base, a baby food maker, a baby bumper for the bassinet, a steamer sterilizer for the microwave, a play yard and a bassinet!!!!

Here are a few pictures of the awesome clothes that she gave us!!!

The Beatles just seem so much cooler when they're on a baby onsie!

I love the sleepers, didn't know I would, but they're cute too! The hats, the bibs, the jackets, it's all so tiny and cute!!!
I love this one!!! I know for sure that this is going to be one of my favorite little onsies to see the baby in!


Tons of cute girly things to be worn by what will surely be one of the cutest and girliest little girls!!

Are these too cute or what??? I feel so lucky to have all these new things for the baby.

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 1

Day 1: Post a picture of you:

I like this picture because I really think my hair looks great! (And it better, I had just come from a hair cut!) Plus, when I posted it on facebook lots of my friends said I looked great!

Ok, now show me yours! Link up here.

30 day Photo Challenge

A friend sent me the 30 day photo challenge and I have decided to do it. I will go back and add the photos each day. This is gonna be sooo fun!!! Feel free to join in!! I'll post my picture as a new blog post, and you'll have a place to join in...

Day one: a photo of you.
Day two: a photo of yourself at least a year ago.
Day three: a photo that makes you happy.
Day four: a photo of a place you'd like to visit.
Day five: a photo that makes you laugh.
Day six: a photo of someone you love.
Day seven: a photo of something you stand for.
Day eight: a photo of something you enjoy doing.
Day nine: a photo of yourself when you were a baby.
Day ten: any photo you like for any reason.
Day eleven: a photo of a night you loved.
Day twelve: a photo of when you were happy.
Day thirteen: a photo of one of your favorite movies.
Day fourteen: a photo of your best friend (s).
Day fifteen: a photo of you and a family member.
Day sixteen: a photo from your childhood.
Day seventeen: a photo from a trip you'll never forget.
Day eighteen: a photo of your town.
Day nineteen: a photo of your favorite thing from school.
Day twenty: a photo of something you ate today.
Day twenty-one: a photo of somebody you find attractive.
Day twenty-two: a photo that you associate a good memory with.
Day twenty-three: a photo of something you want to do someday.
Day twenty-four: a photo of what you want to be when you grow up.
Day twenty-five: a photo that inspires you.
Day twenty-six: a photo of your favorite subject in school.
Day twenty-seven: a photo of something you are looking forward to.
Day twenty-eight: a photo of something/somebody that made your day.
Day twenty-nine: a photo of your favorite person from history.
Day thirty: a photo you find beautiful


Last nite's Dinner!

Last nite's dinner was so tasty!!!!

Geoff grilled the most incredible steaks IN THE SNOW! I made spinach casserole and rolls. The rolls unfortunately got burned. The spinach however, turned out GREAT!

Here's the recipe, as promised to a couple of friends...
(this is the full recipe)
2 packages frozen chopped spinach
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup butter
12oz cottage cheese
1 package shredded cheese
3 eggs

Warm the spinach and drain well
blend butter and flour into a light paste (room temp butter works best)
beat the eggs REALLY well
blend the eggs into the spinach, then the flour/butter, then the cottage cheese
Mix in a little more than half of the shredded cheese
spoon into a casserole and cook, covered at 350 until golden and bubbly
(about 40 mins - 1 hr depending on over)
sprinkle remaining cheese on top and allow to cook for 5 minutes, or until melted

Quick recipe:
1 package of spinach, heated in microwave, drained
add in about 6 oz of cottage cheese, 1 egg and 1 good handful of shredded cheese
mix well
heat in microwave for about 5 minutes, sprinkle some cheese on top, close the door, allow it to melt

I'll let you guess which one we ate last nite. ;)

Ok, good nite tomorrow, then the weekend....for more cleaning!!!

Snow Day!!!!

Who isn't grateful for a snow day?!?!

We spent today doing cleaning, Cleaning and more CLEANING!!
Well, Geoff, Jonas and I did...Annie had to read for her bookreport.

I got our linen closet and the art closet switched. They are now so much more organized and all the art things that didn't have a home are now in the art closet, all the linens fit and all the things that just "needed a place" now have one!!! Hallelejah!!!

In the dining room, I got a bunch of things put away that were on the dining room table, all of the cookbooks are out of the kitchen and now a bunch of things that were in the kitchen are also out of the kitchen. We're getting so close to construction time, I'm getting very antsy!!! (I'm 21 weeks today...tick, tock, tick, tock...)

Jonas' room is getting better....he still has some things to put away. Now the big things left to do in his room are get plastic wrap for the bunkbed to be wrapped in, label the bunkbed parts and then...take it apart and put it in the attic....THEN the yellow couch can go in his room and the den will be almost construction ready!

Can you feel the excitement?!?!!?

In other news, school is going well for Geoff and Rachel...Thank goodness Geoff will graduate in May! Then, all that will be left is a couple classes on Rachel's Masters....and the EdD...

In Melissa's closet most recently? Check out this cute stuff!!!!

Okay, that's it for now...gimme a couple hours to finish up a few more things and I'll post last nite's dinner and the recipe for spinach part? I'll give you the full instructions and the microwave instructions, too!!!


Getting ready....Getting excited...Getting nervous!

Getting ready...
for the baby has been so easy and fun! Buying girl clothes again is great, and I know that I have a lot of clothes and things tucked away in lots of different places, but I really like the idea that she's going to have a few things of her own...and her baby legs arrived today!!! Seriously, does it get much cuter??? I'm gonna have to make some cute little things to wear with them!!

Getting excited...
about delivering at home is going to be such an incredible experience for our whole family. And now that my friend Jennifer has agreed to be the kids "person", I know that the day is going to be completely incredible.

Getting nervous...
this is going to be the first summer that Jonas is going to sleepaway camp! He's headed to Strong River Camp in Pinola, MS. It's really one of the most incredible places that I have ever seen for kids and if the pictures even do it partial justice, I'm going to be totally jealous that he's there! He seems to want to go in July after this little gal makes her arrival, which is fine with me. What's strange is that I can't believe that he's old enough to be going to sleep away camp! I know I'm going to miss him, but I just hope he's able to have fun and enjoy the experience. I'm also hoping that it helps him grow.


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