I am seriously a dork...

Ok, so I'm a little obsessive compulsive...well, maybe a lot...
I got the list from my midwives of all the things that I need for my homebirth (remember I am only 20 weeks, so the birth is a good 16+ weeks away). And in my excitement I went ahead and got the following items on the list...cause well, why not?

Things on the list & purchased:
Hydrogen Peroxide
Rubbing Alcohol
Swaddling muslins, hat, socks and 2 side button long sleeve shirts
digital thermometer
box of Kleenex
a pack of brand new washcloths

Not on the list but stuff I went ahead and got:
A cup that has a straw (and is supposedly a "nonsweating" insulated thing)

Receiving blankets
new sheets for my bed
new pillows for my bed

I did get some really cute Valentine's type cups for the house. They're plastic with cute stripes so they can be used in the summer time too.

For dinner Geoff made Gook. Gook is macaroni noodles, ground meat and spaghetti sauce. It is awesome! He also steamed some broccoli for me and made Garlic Bread. All-in-all YUMMY! I got the kids stuff to make ice cream sundaes for dessert. (I don't know why, but my sweet tooth really kind of goes low during pregnancy....I think I make up for it with a carb-tooth!)

Oh, and last nite I had an awesome dream about delivery. I dreamt that right after the baby was born and Geoff was handing her to me, that one of the midwives took this awesome picture of my friend holding my shoulders, Geoff handing her to me and us kissing each other. Such a wonderful dream and I woke up with a smile. Hard to not have a pretty good day with a dream like that!

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