Yeah! Grizzlies WIN!!! and Baby Bump Photo Shoot Round 1

We went to the Grizzlies game tonite! They played the Denver Nuggets and Jonas was VERY into the game! It was fun getting there early enough to see warm ups and walk around. We tried to take a family picture in front of the FedEx Forum, but it didn't turn out great...

And unfortunately, it gives me a double chin...oh, well. We did get the whole family in the picture! And everyone was smiling :)

In other news...this morning I met with my friend's husband, Robert, to take the first in a series of belly pictures. It was so fun! We took some really cute shots! And, funny enough, Robert comes from the true "film world" so he's not one of those guys who clicks away taking a bazillion pictures and picks his favorites from there, he's a little more analytical and takes his time...well, he definitely sped up a little today...why might you ask? Because I make crazy faces when I don't have instructions for the "motherly, thoughtful or wistful" poses...Let's just say, there are sure to be some very "Rachel-esque" pictures in the bunch!
I can't wait to see them!!!

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