This little girl already has quite the wardrobe!

Just to give you an idea of all the clothes this girl already has, I stole some pictures off of Here they are:

She also has pink leather loafers and some cute tan moccasins. To go with the yellow and white striped dress she has a pair of blue leggings (with a ruffled booty, of course!) and to go with the mommy and daddy love me onsie, a bright pink tutu skirt! I also got her 2 sleeper outfits and she has 3 pairs of Mary Jane socks. Not to mention, I haven't even gone through all the boxes of clothes that Annie and Jonas have from when they were little! Who knows what else there is in this house!!! OMG...there could be tons...

Annie was a little too happy about the baby being a girl. Her first response was, "that's awesome, this means we don't have to get rid of any of my clothes, I hate getting rid of clothes!" What a funny girl!

Jonas' response might have been more humorous. He never would tell us whether he wanted a brother or a sister, but he made his choice known right after the ultrasound. "I know she's a girl, but she could still grow a penis..." Haha! Not quite... He has already begun being quite the proud big brother, he takes the ultrasound to show to everyone he can! He loves to show off his little sister!

I just can't wait to meet her...

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