Snow Day!!!!

Who isn't grateful for a snow day?!?!

We spent today doing cleaning, Cleaning and more CLEANING!!
Well, Geoff, Jonas and I did...Annie had to read for her bookreport.

I got our linen closet and the art closet switched. They are now so much more organized and all the art things that didn't have a home are now in the art closet, all the linens fit and all the things that just "needed a place" now have one!!! Hallelejah!!!

In the dining room, I got a bunch of things put away that were on the dining room table, all of the cookbooks are out of the kitchen and now a bunch of things that were in the kitchen are also out of the kitchen. We're getting so close to construction time, I'm getting very antsy!!! (I'm 21 weeks today...tick, tock, tick, tock...)

Jonas' room is getting better....he still has some things to put away. Now the big things left to do in his room are get plastic wrap for the bunkbed to be wrapped in, label the bunkbed parts and then...take it apart and put it in the attic....THEN the yellow couch can go in his room and the den will be almost construction ready!

Can you feel the excitement?!?!!?

In other news, school is going well for Geoff and Rachel...Thank goodness Geoff will graduate in May! Then, all that will be left is a couple classes on Rachel's Masters....and the EdD...

In Melissa's closet most recently? Check out this cute stuff!!!!

Okay, that's it for now...gimme a couple hours to finish up a few more things and I'll post last nite's dinner and the recipe for spinach part? I'll give you the full instructions and the microwave instructions, too!!!

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