I've been a slacker!

Okay, here's the quick dish...

Memphis Tiger Swimming was awesome at Districts!
Annie swam great! She went best times in 6 of her individual events and her relay swam strong both days! She did a great job staying awake on the way to Nashville, but alas she conked out on the way home...Thank goodness for cell phones!
We had a great time getting to see Gigi and meet Chuck. A bunch of us went and got lunch/dinner together on Saturday after the meet. Then, after we got back to the hotel, Annie and some friends went and swam in the hotel pool, followed by playtime in our room.
Sunday was spent with more swimming and passing out the Championship Tshirts and Coach Cheryl's birthday!!! We got lunch at Panera's on the way home with Abby and her dad.
All-in-all it was a wonderful weekend...though we missed Daddy and Jonas a lot!!!
Here's a few shots of Annie and her friends:

In home news,
more of Melissa Jane's dresses have come! And my wonderful friend Shelley snagged some awesome things for me at a huge consignment sale today, while I was stuck in a training...
Geoff has cleared almost everything from our Den so the next major thing to happen is the GIANT goodwill donation tomorrow!
Annie and Jonas' beds are now in Jonas' room, dorm room style. They love it and Melissa Jane will be getting a room and a crib! Here's her crib bedding we I registered for: 

Isn't it super cute?!?!?
I really wanted to make something, but I have no confidence that I could actually get it done in time...

In baby shower news, I now have 2 hostesses! I feel so blessed to have so many friends who are all helping us prepare for Melissa Jane! I can't wait for her to get here and meet all these wonderful people!

School is progressing along nicely for me at U of M and work-wise. I finally figured out how to access my students scores, and come to find out, they're mostly improving overall!

My belly is officially sticking out noticeably and there is no longer a question of fat or pregnant...

I know there's more I should be sharing, but I just can't remember everything anymore and my our her bowl of cereal has just arrived...

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