30 Day Photo Challenge Days 5 - 9...

Day 5: A photo that makes you laugh

This is what happens when you take your kids shopping and leave your purse in the basket and pay more attention to everything except their attempt at self-portraits! LOL!!

Day 6: A photo of someone you love

Ok, so this is 3 someones that I love. But, over the years, Geoff and I have worked really hard to get to where we are today, so I am very grateful to have my family!!!

Day 7: A photo of something you stand for

Clearly, this is not a picture of a logo or some statement of political affirmation, etc. And honestly given our current political state in Memphis, there is lots to say that you do or do not stand for...but what I think is incredibly important is this, Family Vacation. Families do a lot together, but being able to break away from everything else and have a time to "chill and relax" as a family is INCREDIBLY important! Even if it's just a weekend, whatever the amount of time is very important!

Day 8: A photo of something you enjoy doing

I love my job! AND I love supporting my kids!!!

Alrighty...more tomorrow and I'll update on the swim meet and everything else!

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