How to start a Capsule Wardrobe without stressing

It's all over pinterest, heck, I have a preeeeetty awesome board about capsule wardrobes, you can check it out here.

But for a lot of people, it's really overwhelming to think about getting the whole thing started! I mean, for real, less than 30 pieces for ..... how long?!? What about laundry?? How do you have clean clothes?? What?!?!

In light of that, I thought I'd share my secrets of how I made it work for me.

1. Pick out your favorites!!! Don't worry about the season, just your favorites!! Here are 3 of mine!

Banana Republic Button Down Oxford

Image result for liz claiborne collection blue jacket

Liz Claiborne Navy Blue Jacket

Image result for old navy black and white striped dress

Old Navy Black and White Stripped Dress

2. What do you LOVE about these items? (And yes, you can definitely have more than 3 favs!)
I love pockets on dresses, though that Old Navy one does not have pockets.
I love to feel comfortable in my clothes.
I need my clothes to be wash and wear.
I love good quality.
I love and need to be able to move easily in my clothes when I'm working.

3. Pick out the things that you like to wear with those favorites.

Do you have 5 outfits? Could you make 5 outfits easily?

4. Now get the items you'd need for after work, bed, working out, gardening, etc.  But follow those same 3 rules; favorites only, things you love, and whatever else you need to finish the job, maybe a jacket for running when it's cooler or pj bottoms that go with a favorite top, etc.

5. You should have around 30 pieces of clothing. If all of it is one season, you have the beginning of your capsule wardrobe! If it's not, see what else you need to finish off that season and try to only pick the items that follow your rules. Do you have something to wear for rainy weather? Do you have a hat for going to the beach or sunny days at a soccer game?

6. Once you have a season of clothes, pick your favorite shoes and accessories that coordinate with most of those clothing items.

You've made a capsule wardrobe!

Try and do it again for another season, or just add to what you have to create a multi-seasonal wardrobe.

7. Worried about laundry? Make sure you have 5 work outfits and 1 back up. If you can't repeat clothing items during the week, pick a monday outfit, a tuesday outfit, etc. Then repeat them each week slight variations of accessories. You only have laundry once a week, and your outfits are ready to go each week!

As a teacher, I have 5 outfits for each quarter of the school year. On Monday of Quarter 1 I wear the same thing each week. But, when quarter 2 comes, I switch to the next set of clothes. The kids (and teachers) don't really notice until around week 7 or later and by then it's almost over!

If you want to keep the other things to see if you need them, while you try it out, go for it.

I hope this has helped you venture into the world of capsule wardrobes! If you have other suggestions for starting a capsule wardrobe, feel free to share in the comments below!

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College Weekly Planning

As most of you know, I teach high school biology. I happen to teach a lot of really awesome, really wonderful, really not organized kiddos. (And I mean that in the most loving way.)

I happen to be a very organized person. Kids joke about the number of planners and lists that I have in my classroom. I guess I always thought that students would learn to be organized on their own and that I didn't need to take them through being organized step-by-step. However, according to numerous news outlets, teachers are expected to be responsible for more and more components of our students lives.

I am here to serve! So to speak.

So, in the photo below is the college planning checklist I used for each week. I will continue, over the next fow weeks, to share all of the checklists I used in college and in the last week I will share, for free, for a month, the entire set as one BIG file. All of these will be printables that will be free only for the time period that I have shared them for and then the links will switch to the fee based printable links.

This is a great planning guide for a college student looking to really manage their schedule. It has space for 7 classes, 2 activities, cleaning, shopping and miscellaneous. The cleaning, shopping and miscellaneous have 2 columns that are both blank, so they can be used whatever way works best! 

For most college students, this will provide the framework for total success in managing all of the things that are going on and need to be kept track of!

The link to the FREE printable is here.

I would recommend sitting down on Sunday to go over the needs for the week. I would also recommend printing 2-3 at a time so that you can write on them in advance of when things are going on.

Don't worry, there are more printable planners to come!!

Let me know, in the comments below, what printables you would like to see!

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Meal Planning and a Meal Plan

Several People have asked how I do my meal plan and my grocery list. So this week, I am giving you BOTH! I am sharing with you my FREE PRINTABLE meal plan and grocery list, my meal plan with links to recipes is below AND I'm sharing my personal meal plan and grocery list!

So, here's a couple pictures, one blank and one in progress. Then I'll give you my steps!

In Progress

Weekly Meal Planning Step by Step Guide:

First, I check my calendar. I use an Erin Condren Life Planner, to keep track of all the things going on at my house. I find that doing this BEFORE meal planning generally means that I don't plan a complicated meal on a busy night or after I've had a day that really is not conducive to cooking. It also means that I can check for when I might have time to do prep work the night before and I can put it in my calendar when I need to.

Second, I talk to my kids about what things they like to see on the meal plan. My little ones generally want the same things, but my big kids have started exploring Pinterest and watch the Food Network now and again and they have shown an interest in branching out! It also helps them feel more involved in what we're eating and doing when they get to help make the plan.

Third, we check the cabinets and the refrigerator. Maybe what you want is already in your house. Maybe something strikes you as sounding wonderful! Or maybe you realize you shouldn't buy that snack anymore because no one is eating it... No matter what, checking the pantry, fridge and freezer is a smart thing to do before moving forward.

Fourth, I gather the recipes and start planning out my meals and groceries. I do it all on one sheet. It's here and this helps me make sure that I don't get too much or not enough. Or, if I'm using half and half creamer, for example, I know I don't need the whole container that is purchased, so I may check for another recipe to use up that last little bit rather than have it go bad in the fridge.

Finally, I check the coupons and the circulars for sales!!! Chicken was on sale week before last for 39 cents per pound!!! So I got 20 pounds. So last week and this week have been lots and lots of chicken. Which obviously means, this week is.....chicken!

Here's my meal plan and grocery list.

And here are all the links to all the recipes!

BBQ Chicken
Macaroni and Cheese
Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

Shredded Chicken Tacos with fixings!

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Veggie Stir Fry
White Rice

Chicken and Spinach Alfredo Casserole

Leftover Baked Potato Bar

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Beef Stroganoff

How's your week shaping up?

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