Another spin on the same thing

I have taught a candy lab on the classification systems for years. It's one of the hardest and best labs I do. 

The kid get a Baggie with 6 different candies, asked questions about how Aristotle and Linneaus created their classification systems and then they have to create their own classification system for their candy. It's up to them if they work together or not, but everyone turns in a lab sheet. 


This year one of my students just was not getting it. She took notes all week, listen intently to instructions, asked her peers and it just was not making I did this. 

That's ribbons and note cards. It's the classification system turned into a tree! And it made total sense to everyone!!

Teacher WIN!

Then to top it off we had a great pep rally for homecoming, a strong turn out for Mock Trial interest meeting and then I went and voted before taking my girl to the football game. 

It's a right I'm grateful to have. I hope you exercised your right. 

We had a great time at football with our friends, ate skittles and drank lots of water. 

All in all, today was a day I was prou to be a teacher. 

What made you proud to be a teache today?

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