Best things about being pregnant

Over the last few days I have had TONS of food cravings, Geoff has been super awesome about getting me the food that I have wanted!!

The other day I had a calzone from Memphis Pizza Cafe and cupcakes from Muddy's Bake Shop.

In other news, we just started (FINALLY) ripping down parts of the wall that will be getting torn down!!

Jonas has rotovirus and can barely keep anything down, which is a major icky bummer. Geoff was up with him last nite until 4am because he was puking! I had to hide in my room with the scented candle going so I didn't start puking too!

Annie's best friend found out this weekend that her very old dog has cancer, so Annie and I got them a gift card...tough moment for us both. Annie and I had a conversation about dogs and their lifespan.

Got my first week's worth of school work done. It looks like this is going to be a semester full of busy work.

Hopefully, the construction goes quickly and doesn't cost a ton and I can get my embroidery machine soon...cross your fingers!

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