Just gotta know!!

I have been having the hardest time lately! The gdiapers I ordered off of ebay are now pouring in! Geoff says, "it's christmas for mommy everyday!" But, I know secretly he's really happy that I'm so invested in this little person...

And that's the problem! I just need to know if this is a girl baby or a boy baby!!! I have so many craft projects I want to start on, even if the kitchen isn't finished..., and all I can think about is whether I should start the girl projects or the boy projects...

I have an open ended ultrasound appointment. So we had talked about waiting till the 21st when everyone will be out of school for president's day...but I think we may have to go Monday after school...I'm not sure I can wait!!!

Feel free to comment on what you think this one is...boy...or....girl??

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