Just me and the fam...

So, as a way of introducing this blog and getting things started, I figured I would just sort of put the basics for now. I am Rachel, married to Geoff for almost 10 years...which seems weird, because it doesn't seem that long and other days it seems like an eternity!
We have 2 children, Anna (9) and Jonas (7) and we are waiting on our 3rd, due to arrive June 23rd.
We have 5 dogs, Shelby, Velvet, Katie, Beau and Jingles and 2 cats, Stripes and Lucky.
It's a busy life, with me working full time as a high school biology teacher and Geoff finishing his degree and running the house! Annie is a competitive swimmer and Jonas is still trying out sports to figure out which one is his favorite...
All in all, we just do our thing and hope that things keep going well.

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