Lots of things happening around the house...

So, lately there have been lots of crazy things happening around our house! We're getting ready to get Jonas' dresser thrown out, since, well, it's trash.
Geoff has finished anhilating the bushes in the back that we intended to throw out and it looks like getting the supplies for our dog run won't be too expensive....
that long as you don't count the $800+ we're gonna have to spend to get the mercury mountaineer fixed! YIKES!

Jonas will be going back to school tomorrow, thank goodness!

One of my friends is attempting to patiently wait the arrival of his son, due today! Needless to say, both he and his wife are having a hard time with these (hopefully) last few hours...

I finally broke down and paid retail (sh, don't tell!) for a maternity sweatshirt from Liz Lange at's pretty comfy.

This weekend was Annie's swim meet. (The one I made the corn dip for.) She did such a good job, it was AMAZING! She dropped time on every event and event dropped 23 seconds on the 200IM!!! (For those of you who are not swimmers or are not familiar with the swimming world; the 200 IM is where a swimmer swims 50 yards of each of the 4 strokes; Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle.) This is a fun event for Annie because she usually picks up a lot of time during the breaststroke and it's always fun to watch! But this time was even cooler! The hardest to watch, and the most nerve-racking, was the 50 breast. This was a tough one for me because she really wants to make a SouthEastern cut. (This means she gets to go to Championship Swim Meet for our Swim Conference, ie a really big deal!)

In baby news, I went shopping for fabric to make a quilt and a baby play blanket. I was kinda grustrated that I couldn't get the fabric I really wanted, because it was gender fabric, but it's super cute. (Pictures to come soon...)

Hopefully, the kitchen can get started and finished quickly and I can get my embroidery machine and start working on cute baby things!

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