My ever expanding belly

Thought I'd give you and idea of how much bigger my belly is getting...My sister came over on saturday and took these for me. I was wearing my new Ingrid & Isabell top that I got at target. Can you see the picky stick? I was ssoooo excited when these arrived, I couldn't wait to be able to take pictures! The stickers are designed to stick on an article of clothing so that you can take pictures as your belly grows...even cuter? They come in monthly stickers for the baby, so as baby grows, you can take a monthly picture! How fun!!!!

 In other news, I went to our local consignment store today, Summer Kids and got some really cute maternity clothes. I was very excited about that! I also got Annie a new cardigan for school and footed pj's for Jonas! He looks super cute in them and if he ends up having to stay home for another sick day...he'll be the cutest sickling ever! (Personally, I'm hoping that he goes back tomorrow! Working all day as a teacher and then coming home and being a 1st grade optional school teacher is so MUCH work!!) I had no idea how much they got done with in one day! OMG!!!

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