Snow Day!

Yesterday was a wonderful, snowy gift! I got to stay home with my 2 and 4 legged babies! It was so fun to watch my dogs run in the snow and sniff and get surprised by the snow and then to watch my children play too!

Annie and I had a wonderful breakfast of bagels and hot tea, while watching the snow glisten. Later, she and I went outside, I took pictures and she played in the snow.

Jonas wasn't feeling well so he spent the day snuggled in the warm blankets. We let him go out for a little while and wouldn't you know it, when Annie and Jonas came in, they both went to was so peaceful with everyone, dogs included, sleeping around me!

Geoff had a little too much fun though. He threw several, well packed snow balls at our living room windows....unfortunately, a couple landed in the same spot and as I was coming to tell him he had cracked the window, he landed the final snowball that BROKE the window! It looks like I'll be getting my french doors sooner than we had planned....

I was able to finish reading my latest Nook book, Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger (same author who wrote, "the Devil Wears Prada"; it was such a fun read!

We ended the day by watching the BCS Game, Auburn v Oregon and enjoyed a nice meal of Mexican takeout. If it had been a ducks win, the day would have been stellar!

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