I love weddings. They are one of my favorite things, and I love that they can happen at any point in the year! This past weekend, we went to Knoxville, TN to witness one of Geoff's good friends, Dave, from Webb School of Knoxville get married. It was a beautiful service officiated by two ministers. One of whom was the wife of a classmate and the other, a classmate. Jarad Bingham, graduated with Geoff and Dave and now is a minister at Shady Grove Presbyterian in Memphis, TN.

The service was in the front yard and the back yard was covered by a large tent. Tables were set up with seasonal and regional flowers and food was served buffet style. It was intimate, yet casual.

Since the groom is from Knoxville and the Bride, Joanna, is from China, this was the third ceremony. So, after the service and dinner, the Bride and Groom answered questions from the crowd about how they met, where they work, weird things that Americans do, and ultimately where they will live in the future. Afterwards, of course, it was time to party!

Lissy had a great time running around the backyard and making everyone laugh. After the wait staff left, she attempted to step in as was very cute.

We were all impressed with her ability to party on! until she ultimately....crashed.

It was a beautiful weekend to be celebrating the beginning of a new family and such a joy to share in theirs!

Congrats to Dave and Joanna!

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