The ongoing Kitchen project...

Kitchens are a difficult thing to handle. Especially, when trying to make them feel like home and comforting and all of those other good words.

You all know what happens during a party right? Everyone ends up in the kitchen.

Well, my kitchen was dark. And dense. and cramped. Even if you wanted to be in the kitchen, it was too tight and too small for that to happen.

When we bought our house in 2006, this is what our kitchen was like. It had wood cabinets, laminate floors, awful counter tops, brown electric stove and a dishwasher and fridge that were both black.

To try and make the kitchen feel a little brighter, I painted the cabinet facing white, the doors orange, and the soffets yellow. The hardware was black Sadly enough, this matched the floor perfectly.

Now, we have taken down half a wall and built a half wall, replaced the linoleum floor with tile, repainted the walls and taken down the cabinets to have open shelving. On the backside of the kitchen wall, we have a built in buffet, with a cookbook nook under it. The buffet shown has pictures under plexiglass, allowing us to personalize and change our buffet look to match the season.Here's a shot of the cookbook nook before it got painted.

As the kitchen continues to change, I will be sure to share pictures how it looks. This is one of the hard parts about being a homeowner...there's so much you want to do and only so much you can afford.

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