Let me just start by saying that doing applique can be VERY addictive!!!

Recently, I put a down-payment on a fancy new monogramming and embroidery machine...The Brother PR-650! It is so cool!!! It has tons of amazing designs pre-loaded, 6 needle heads and is an upright machine! You can check it out here. I wax poetic to anyone who will let me, so talker be warned!

Now, I have been scoping the web looking for free downloadable machine appliques! And over at Applique Cafe, it's Rosemary's birthday so all of the designs are 40% off till October 2! (Don't tell Geoff, but I am so tempted to buy the WHOLE LIST!) Don't worry, I won't...I think.

So, over the weekend I worked at mastering the art of applique! Don't worry, for the next applique, I'll post a how to so that you can see step-by-step how I do applique and maybe it will make things easier for you!

I'm hoping I can start having classes soon, I think it would be fun to teach others about applique, monogramming and quilting. My 3 favorite things for the kiddos....Now, if I could just finish the smocking....

Talk soon!

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