Annie's Cast Saga

So, most of you may have not been aware, but about a month ago, Annie tripped over an exersaucers (you know, those round toy chairs for little babies?) and broke a couple bones in her foot.

Remember, this is my competitive swimmer....

Since I am a compassionate mother, we tried a soft cast to begin with...well, no such luck on that fixing things...She got a hard cast about 18 days ago. Since she hasn't been at practice in a while, she was worried that her friends had forgotten her. No such luck, while we were at her brother's soccer game on Saturday, her friends signed her cast and sat and talked with her for most of the game. Happy as a Lark, doesn't even cover it. Her sweet friend however, now has a couple breaks of her own and is in her own boot. We'll see how they turn out!

Yesterday, a rainy Monday morning...aren't those illegal?...she got her cast off and went to school. Poor baby, it's still not quite right. IF it's still hurting after Wednesday, then we'll have to take her back for an MRI.

Swim practice was, well, swimming.

Hopefully we will be done with casting for a while...

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