Lissy Jane is 16 months old

Today, my third child is exactly 16 months old. She weighs about 25 pounds, is just over 2 feet tall and is a super cutie!

Here's some fun info about our wonderful Lissy Jane!

Words she can say:
MaMa (Which she can repeat several times!)
NaNa (Which is used to call Anna)
Moo (Move)
Bo (Beau, almost says it right)
BaBa (Bath)

Things she can do:
Get on and off furniture
Use a sippy cup or a straw
Eat ice cream
Climb on the table from her seat
Use a spoon
Take off shoes, socks, bows, diapers
Nod her head
Open and close cabinets
Flush the toilet
Pull the plug out of the tub
Play peek-a-boo

Things she is trying to do:
Snap her fingers
Tickle People

It is so fun and exciting watching her grow and learn new things in the world around her. She has started to show the things she is and is not interested in eating and the music that she likes. I can't wait to see how her future changes!

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