Growing up, I used to be embarrassed when my mother would take drag me to consignment sales to shop.  It was in no way the "cool" thing to do. It started for mother, I'm sure, to save money. Shopping for 3 girls who were all very picky about their clothes, could not have been easy. But, I became defiant about it when a girl I went to school with recognized an item that had come from her sister. Needless to say, for a fifth grader, that was not a good thing. Especially when she remembered that her mom had "gotten rid" of those clothes months prior.

Now, however, my daughter HELPS me consign! Oh, the things my mother would say if she could see me now!

So, last nite, we set out to get done with round one of the consignment work. This means that we go through the bag of clothes I have filtered out of the babies drawers from the most recent "clean out". A few things will come out of Annie and Jonas's rooms but, mostly these are baby/toddler items. Then we sort them by size and next list them in the computer and tag them. The whole process is time consuming. However, at our house we seem to have a pretty good system and we move rather quickly.

This was our "consignment" station last nite. We use the tags from Office Depot, safety pins on the shoulder and hangers from around the house.

Next, we'll check blankets, towels, bibs, shoes and socks to see what else might be able to find a new home...and then hopefully, make some money!


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