Time to get back to Normal Week 9/13 - 9/19

It's time for life to get back to normal! Now that Georgia is here and settled and school has started, and we are back to a routine, time to get back to regular blog posting and meal planning!

So, here we go with getting life back in order!!!

Sunday: Thankfully, Annie's Bat Mitzvah went well and the leftovers are almost all gone. Until then... Burgers and hot dogs on the grill, french fries in the oven (I use frozen ones...)

Monday: This particular meal is one that is so easy to cook and yet it feels so hearty.
Sausage, onions and potatoes on the stove "Southern Stir-Fry" and Country Salad with Apples and Honey for Dessert. Happy New Year!!! L'Shana Tova!!

Tuesday: Someone please explain to me why this is always such a classic in so many families?? For our french toast, we use the Better Home and Gardens recipe, and sub Challah for the bread needed. Trust me, it's awesome...
Breakfast for dinner!!! (grits, eggs, Challah french toast, bacon*)
*Double batch of bacon as a prep for tomorrow

Wednesday: By the middle of the week, I need to have some comfort food that just makes me feel better. Don't you? So tonite is Sandwich nite! Use your favorite grilled cheese and BLT recipe for these sandwiches!!! We use frozen tater tots. Grilled cheese, BLTs and tater tots

Thursday: We have parent/teacher conferences so tonite has to be quick and easy. Since the kids are off school tomorrow, roasted potatoes means that there is plenty to heat up for lunch.
Rotisserie chicken (pick up on the way home), spinach casserole and roasted potatoes
 be sure to cut up leftover chicken for tomorrow night

Friday: This is truly comfort Southern food at it's finest. It's mostly healthy and has plenty of substitutes to make it better for you, but overall is just yummy goodness. Homemade chicken pot pie and salad.

Saturday: We have a lot of yard work to do today to start getting ready for our annual fall party, for my birthday. I'm hoping that we get the patio well cleaned up and can eat outside.... Burgers, hot dogs and potatoes

Recipes are linked on each day and the grocery list can be found here.

Soon I'll do a post of how we prep for lunches and mornings! But for now, happy eating and planning.

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