Time to eat!

This week feels more (and less) like normal. For more normal, we have a swim meet coming up this weekend. Which is pretty much a constant at our house. Less normal? This Monday marks 14 years being married!!!

So, here's the plan for this week!

Monday we are getting take-out from Brooklyn Bridge. It's a local Italian, family owned restaurant that we all really love. 

Tuesday: cheesy chicken and rice casserole and seasoned roasted green beans. For seasoned and roasted green beans, I get 1 lb of green beans, toss them will oil and seasonings in a large baggie, spread on a pan and cook for 20 minutes on Broil. 

Wednesday: We're trying a recipe I found in Family Fun magazine. It's a single pan recipe for meatloaf and potato wedges. It includes green beans, but since we're eating green beans tuesday, we're going to use broccoli. Here's the link

Thursday: This is a long night for us. I have an after-school meeting and later that night a band booster club meeting for the middle school kid, which means....LEFTOVERS!!

Saturday: Swim meet in the morning and a potential car ride to and from Nashville for my sister's baby shower means dinner has to be easy and something that can be put off if we go so.... Walking Taco night!! If you've never had a walking taco, it's a great fun way to do tacos! 

Best wishes to a great week!!!

Here's what you'll need when you go shopping...

Next Sunday I'm planning to make pumpkin bread pudding and homemade whipped cream with the leftover cream from Friday as a welcome to fall... Here's the link for the recipe I plan to try if things go as planned... 

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