Georgia Waverly: Month 4

Today marks 4 months since Georgia Waverly entered our lives. She has carved out her own spot and such a fun addition to our family. It's funny to me that people ask if we notice that she is here. It's hard not to! She's a baby!!

At this point, Georgia can mostly sit up, she needs some help, but she's getting the idea. She can wiggle herself around on her back, hates being on her tummy and does this really funny crunch/sit up thing.

She likes to smile and laugh at everyone, loves her big sisters and will easily go to her swim family.

Tomorrow she'll go to the doctor for measurements and shots....I'm sure it will be so fun...

On the swing
On the slide

She enjoys swings and going to the park. Obviously, she only goes down the slides in someone's lap. Anytime she gets paid attention to, is fun. She enjoys watching Lissy and Dilly be wild and crazy, but is definitely beginning to want to be a part of the fun, as well.

I'm looking forward to Halloween! We have a week's worth of outfits ready to go!

EDIT: When I first posted this it said month 3. My bad!!! She's 4 months old today. Sorry for the mixup. I claim sleepiness...

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