Georgia Waverly: Month 1

At the ripe old age of 1 month, Georgia has found a very clear and discernable spot in everyone's hearts. She is loved and doted on by all and has experienced 5 swim meets! (That was fast...) She is now sleeping approximately 4 hours at a stretch at night and is making eye contact. She has done well at all of her doctor's visits and seems to be growing right on track. Her Mongolian Spots are here to stay and we have found they will change color with her body temp! She likes to smile and talk with Lissy and Dilly and seems to think that they are both WILDLY entertaining. 
Lissy and Georgia
Dilly and Georgia

Here's Georgia at 1 month... with her cute outfit from Round the Bend! When I tell you Erin is awesome, I mean she is fabulous!!! We got a gown in pink and a gown in white. Love them!!

We all can't wait to see what she will be doing next!

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