I just had a baby!

Words can not begin to express how happy I am to be able to share that sentence!!! After what seemed like a never ending day, Georgia Waverly is finally here and a real member of our family! She was born on May 28 at 1:29am (1 whole minute before my own deadline...) and weighs in at a whopping 6lbs and 10 ounces, 19 inches long. Below is our story and pictures!!
Best moment of the whole night was finally being able to get that little girl on my chest!!!
I went to the hospital at about 10:30 in the morning because, well, nothing felt "right". The girls got dropped off at story time with nanny Melanie, Annie was at a friend's house, so it was me and the boys. Jonas and Geoff were both hungry and tired, respectively, and annoying me in the waiting room, so I sent them both home before even getting checked into a room. I texted Kati, my doula, and told her what was going on. She offered to come to the hospital to keep me company and I accepted.

Since the computer was not picking up my contractions and they had my due date wrong (they thought I was only 36 weeks and 2 days instead of 37 weeks and 4 days), the hospital wanted to send me home. My doctor corrected my due date and scheduled me to be induced the following week. He told me that if I could get my cervix to change or my water broke on it's own, then I could have my baby, but otherwise, he was stuck. So off Kati and I went!

I had not eaten all morning because nothing felt right. Since they did an ultrasound in the hospital and showed me my baby was doing fine, I was now VERY hungry! Kati and I went to Chipotle where I proceeded to eat an entire salad. Something I had not been able to do for most of the last few months of my pregnancy! We walked to Target to take care of return for Kati and that is when things started to get interesting.

While we were at Target, my contractions started to pick up. So we walked some more. Finally, we had seen enough of Target and Kati wanted me to be closer to the hospital in case things got more interesting. So we walked to Panera and got some drinks and headed to the hospital, making sure to hit every speed bump and pothole along the way!

We arrived at the hospital, where I knew my contractions had still not picked up enough to we walked...and we walked...and we texted my doctor, who suggest we keep walking until I couldn't take we walked....and we talked...and we walked... and we texted the birth photographer...and we walked.... and we walked some more! Then we went inside...I proceeded to walk the entire lobby, round and round and round. Geoff and the big kids showed up with flowers and I continued to walk...

We finally got in a room around 8pm and low and behold I had changed my cervix! I was at a 4 when I left and now I was a 5.5!!! Hooray!!! Lexie got there just about then. My doctor came in and confirmed I had indeed changed my cervix and then broke my water and we were off and running!! Geoff and I walked the floor and Lexie followed us taking pictures. Contractions got stronger and it was time to head back to the room to check on baby.
Such a crazy and wonderful night!
By 11 this routine had gotten old and tiring. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it to the end, so I asked for an epidural....that worked for 20 minutes or so. By 12:15 I was shaking so hard the bed was shaking, Geoff was shaking, everything was shaking. My doctor was called and after about 3 contractions and 1 strong push, Georgia Waverly was born!!! It was quite a dramatic day, but such a wonderful evening!!!
Geoff, Katie and I with our sweet Peach Pie!!!

The Peach herself! Georgia Waverly

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