Halloween for us was a little bittersweet this year. In years past, my mom has been a big part of our Halloween night, seeing the kids in costume, having dinner, or some other fun event. This was our first Halloween without her and it certainly resonated.

Since I had class, the plan was originally that Geoff would take the kids over to a friends house and they would all go trick-or-treat together as a big group. However, that challenge presented new challenges and ultimately didn't happen.

I was really excited to take the kids trick-or-treating since it was MelissaJane's first year to actually be able to walk up to a door and do the whole thing herself. (She's got so much personality and is so cute, how could anyone resist the idea of seeing her!?!?!?)

So, we drove over to my parents' house where there were of course, two GrandPumpkins! Took the requisite pictures and off we went!

She totally got the hang of it! She loved carrying her hot pink pumpkin bucket, required both Annie and myself to hold her hand and loved waving bye to everyone at their doors. I promise it was the most adorable thing anyone saw that nite!

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