Temple Israel's Mitzvah Day...our Project

This past sunday was Mitzvah Day for all congregational members of Temple Israel. In previous years, my mother oversaw the production of several beautiful murals in the stairwells of Plough Towers. Such as this one...

This was the drawing that I did for the mural I was asked to do.

I was definitely excited to get to oversee a mural project, but the experience was more than a little bittersweet since my mother was not there with us. It was yet another reminder of her absence from our lives.

Once we got to Plough Towers, Annie and I immediately set to work. We arrived early so that I could sketch out the drawing and make sure we knew exactly where each of the different colors would go. By the time Kathleen arrived at 9am, we had already gotten quite a bit done. We took hourly photos, which you can see below.

This was how much Annie and I had gotten done at about 10am.

This was how much we had all gotten done at about 11am

About half-way through our morning, the activities director, came by and asked if we would do the other wall that was prepped. Another artist was supposed to be doing a mural as well, but she had not shown up. Annie and Justin, the two kids in our group, were excited to do the other mural. Annie came up with a design and immediately got to work putting it together. Within a short amount of time they had gotten quite a bit done.

This was the halfway point of the second mural.

It didn't take long for both of the murals to get finished. We had a few friends come and go to help with both murals and we were done with both by noon. We cleaned up and went on our way. While it was sad to not have my mother there to share the day with, it was wonderful to get to brighten the stairwell for the residents on two different floors. It won't be long before all of the floors on that side are done and we'll have to do the stairwell on the other side of the building! 

Happy painting.

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