Bat Mitzvah Planning!?!?!?

Some of you already know how nuerotic I am...others, well, this may be your first taste into the true crazies...

Bat Mitzvah Planning technically started about 1.5 years ago, when Annie started Hebrew School...we talked about her mitzvah project and other things, but nothing was formalized.

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a special moment for a Jewish teenager. This is the time when they begin to formalize a Jewish identity. They work for several years learning Hebrew, with the culminating event being that they lead the service on a Shabbat morning. They also decide on and conduct a Mitzvah project. This is sometimes as simple as working at the local food bank or soup kitchen or as big as putting on a 5k. They are as varied as the students.

Over the last year and a half, we have discussed themes, decorations and her project. My mother and I talked briefly while she was in the hospital, so that she was still a part of everything, but that part will obviously be hard.

But, it really went big, about a week ago, Wednesday November 7, when our envelope arrived from Temple giving us all the details on picking our date. In the next short time, I had Annie read to me the contents of the letter as we drove to Hebrew School. In the letter it said that students who are doubles (share their Bar/Bat Mitzvah day) would have priority over singles. So, I had Annie put 1 star by all the students with September birthdays. Then I had her put a second star by the girls she would want to share the day with.

And then, the phone calls...I called both houses of the parents of the 2 students she gave 2 stars to. I left a message at one home and the other was a disconnected number. (Which meant I would have to wait....) And, I should admit, the message I left probably sounded a little bit frantic....

Well, the dad of the first child called me back. And I immediately began a verbal onslaught of information. I think I was a bit intense...they had not even received their packet yet! While I waited for the dad to talk to the mom. I emailed Temple to ask them for email addresses. Once I got them I emailed the mom of girl #1, girl #2's mom didn't have an email address. So I sent an email...

Well, to get the story ended on a happy note...We have a partner, a date and made a request to the Temple for our date! Next post, I'll show you how nuts I really am!

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