Potty Training

The experts say that your child will show you they are ready to be potty trained and that's how you will know that it is time to start potty training. Some parents call this the struggle or battle of wills. It is most definitely a challenge for all involved. For the parents, this is letting go of your baby in some regard and giving them a new independence. For your tot, this is the first time they truly get to call the shots. This can be a trying time for all involved.

Other experts say that once these signs show up, you can potty train your child in just 3 days. This may be true for some children, but certainly not all of them.

This weekend we started to try to potty train MelissaJane. She has shown interest in the bathroom and the habits of others. She says pee pee about 85% of the time that her diaper is wet or soiled, so we know she can communicate her needs.

Since we had such good background evidence, she spent all of Saturday naked from the waist down. On Sunday morning she got up and used the potty for all of about 3 droplets. While Geoff was out running errands he bought some underwear in her size. She was VERY excited to see the underwear and put them on, but the concept was not sticking.

This is not a successful attempt #1. And oddly enough, my memories of potty training Annie and Jonas were that it went much more smoothly. Annie simply said ok when we suggested it to her. Jonas, quite honestly, was potty trained mostly at school. I was told by his teacher that the next week I was to bring him to school with several changes of clothes and several pairs of underwear and by the end of the week we were done. It was great! I was hoping that MelissaJane would be like her sister and it would just click. I guess we'll have to try again.

Tonite when you say your prayers, say one for us that this all goes smoothly and quickly.


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