Life has been very busy

I need to start with an apology  for having abandoned the blog for the last few weeks!

So much has happened, I am excited to share with you all of the new goings on at our house...In no particular order, here goes nothing!

First, Dilly has TEETH! She has gotten her first two teeth peeking through, both are on the bottom and both are RAZOR sharp! We've begun introducing her to solid foods and so far a few favorites include; avacado, scrambled eggs, cheese, strawberries and rice chex. She really loves playing with Lissy Jane and working so hard at being able to do what Lissy does!

Second, well, I hate to admit it, but we are taking a break from potty training. It's just been so stressful! UGH! Lissy is definitely moving in a good direction and is interested in the goings on in the bathroom, but she is just not communicative enough for this to stick right now.

Third, for those of you who are not Memphians, this is going to sound crazy....but we just got done with our 5 days camp out to get Annie into White Station Middle School's Optional Program. The camp out started on Thursday at 830am when one of the moms started the line! Earliest one yet! Geez... We ended up having fun as a family at the camp out. Food trucks from Fuel, Mark's Grill, Square Meal on Wheels, Central BBQ and the Tamale Trolley all showed up at different points. The kids played on the lawn of the Board of Education and we made a ton of great new friends. Overall, not a bad weekend.

Fourth, not sure who knows, but I am now teaching at White Station High School! I am very ecited to have returned to the school where I went to high school and taught last year. It is a great excitement to be back and I have been blessed with an amazing roster. Literally, every class has an amazing community feel and is quite dynamic. Here's a couple pictures of my classroom.

So, all in all, there has been a lot going on! Hopefully, I can get back on track with all the things that you all like to see. Keep cheering us on, it's great to hear from you all about all the goings on in our little cozy house!
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