Coming later today...and every Tuesday!...Pinterest made me do it!I

I am sure you all have a project you have done because...Pinterest made you do it... Now, you can see how my things turn out. Sometimes I am nervous to do things on Pinterest because, well frankly, I'm not sure if it will turn out correctly. And I HATE messing up a project and not getting things right.

SO, on Tuesdays, I will make a project from one of my pinterest boards. If it's a recipe, you'll get all the details on how it tastes; if it's project, you'll get all the info on what I did, what I changed, how I improvised and how it turned out. We'll try this Pinterest adventure together! Feel free to follow my boards here. If you have something you think I should try feel free to post a link in the comments and if we're already friends on fb or pinterest, through an @ sign before my name to tag me in the comments of your pin!

Don't hesitate to ask questions about what I'm doing, how it goes and anything else that pops into your mind.

As the pinterest team likes to say....

Happy Pinning!

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