A tragedy today

Today we as a nation experienced yet another tragedy inside a school. As a teacher, this is something that I try not to carry with me. I don't want to think that anyone would ever want to harm me or any of the children I teach. I don't want to think that anyone would want to harm any of the people within our school.

As a parent, it is scary for me to imagine how helpless those parents must have felt to not know what was happening to their children or the best way to help in such a scary situation.

As a citizen of our country, I simply don't want anyone to hurt others in such a way. Or any way for that matter. It saddens me that there have been so many challenges and traumatic events since my eldest daughter was born in 2001.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families connected to this tragedy. I know their grief must be unbearable. I'm choosing to believe that all of those children are now in art class with the best art teacher I ever knew, my mom.

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