Short Baby Shower Update

So my baby shower was Amazing!!!

So many friends braved the sirens and warnings for crazy weather and came to celebrate the coming of our sweet Melissa Jane!

It was wonderful to have so many friends from so many different parts of my life all together in one place!

Jennifer did such an amazing job hosting and everything was sooo cute and sweet!

I'll have to post more pictures from the shower later on because there are lots of them...not to mention when I was opening gifts, I made some extremely funny faces!

Everyone got Melissa Jane some really cute outfits to wear and bathtime is completely handled now! Geoff was really excited to see a baby bathtub since he likes using them to bathe babies.

It was such a special afternoon and once I finished writing thank you notes all I could and can think about is how lucky we are to have so many wonderful friends and family in our life!

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