Passover 2011

So clearly I am behind on all my blog posting efforts. What can I say, life has been busy! Geoff and I have finished our classes for the semester and I took my Praxis exams on April 30, so my goal is to get better at posting before Miss Melissa Jane makes her arrival...

To that effort, this week will totally be a catchup week for me!

Here's the scoop on Passover:

We had passover seder at my dad's house. It was a busy evening full of lots of giggling and whatnot...go figure!

Jonas read the four questions this year and did an excellent job.
The kids had the camera, so all the pictures are from their point of view!

Jonas reading the questions.

And seriously, these are the best pictures of the family...ugh!

I think I'll need to take the pictures next year!

We didn't manage to take our big family picture this year, which was a little disappointing...but we will next year for sure!!!

Happy Mother's day to you all!

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