School has started

Today marked day 8 of school. At White Station, I am loving having so many enthusiastic kids! Though they're very talkative, if that's the worst of my problems, I'm set! (I say that, but seriously, talkative kids is just as much a problem as any other...)

This year seems to be off to an amazing start for Jonas! He has a great teacher who loves what she does! She is incredibly supportive & totally "gets" him, which is awesome.

Annie is off to a great start. She has made several new friends at her school, as well as at swim team. She is making good grades and is off to a great start!

Lissy is doing great! She lets me sleep from 1030 - 330 & then till 5. Not the best, but not the worst. She's growing everyday & trying hard to work at holding her head up.

All in all things are starting off great!

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