My new favorite thing!

If you haven't heard of these...well, I honestly am mixed about telling everyone about them...because I want to keep them for myself!!!

These are sooo fun!!!

Lisa Dick is a local artist who does AMAZING work!

Now, she's sharing it with everyone! For $40 you sign up for the party you prefer based on what you'll be painting and then she provides you with all the materials you need to do the piece. You can take food and beverages with you, if you like.

Seriously, it is waay fun!!!

On the 5th of each month she posts the parties for the next month here.

Here's some pictures of the parties I did.

Me and Jessica after we finished "Just Beachy".

Me painting a pink zinnia for Melissa Jane.

 Me and the finished pink zinnia. Melissa Jane got in on the painting, see the paint on the belly? :)

Me and Jennifer after we finished our pink zinnias.

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